With Çerkezköy pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, which was founded in 2010 in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, which was built on an area of 34.000 m22 by making use of the world’s most developed manufacturing technologies, and which entered into service on a closed area of 10.000 m2 in 2013, Exeltis is leading the era. The manufacturing of semi-solid goods (Cream, Gel, Liquid Gel, Ovule, and Suppository etc.) is done through using modern and eco-friendly technologies and in a way to meet the needs of world class “Contemporary Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)” and “Contemporary Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP)”. The procedures in our manufacturing site are constantly improving and advancing owing to both technology enterprises and automatic control systems that promote traceability and productivity.


Thanks to this modern facility, Exeltis can produce quality semi-solid goods with high capacity.

In the facility, which is inspected by the authorities and firms of the countries leading drug production in the world, manufacturing and packaging machines equipped with latest technology and with high velocity and are used. Exeltis Medicine work cooperatively with other national and international firms alongside manufacturing its own goods. Exeltis, which is going to be inspected by European Health Authorities (EU GMP), thus is aiming at expanding its export with European countries.

As a firm which owns all the operations and documents corresponding to Occupational Health and Environmental Safety, and other regulations, Exeltis Medicine;

Has been continuing the controlled working conditions and secure workplace environment that it has supplied to its employees, and its works aiming to avoid occupational diseases and accidents.

Has been executing its fabrication with the awareness to prevent pollution and use natural resources efficiently, and with a nature friendly perspective.

The tests, conducted in Quality Control Laboratories, which function in compliance with all the necessities of GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), are carried out with the equipment that has the contemporary technology in line with the necessities of international and local authorities. The recycling and the storage of the data that is formed in each analytical equipment are kept under guarantee.

Exeltis Medicine pick and choose all the materials found in the goods and keep product quality and persistence under guarantee by taking advantage of both the global connections and the dominance of CHEMO.

Exeltis Medicine assures that goods are brought together with customers with the quality it has once it is rolled out by adopting the rules of GDP (Good Distribution Practices) already and putting them into practice in many fields.

Semi-Solid, Liquid Production & Packaging Section

In our Exeltis Çerkezköy facility, production and packaging in such forms as Cream, Gel, Liquid Gel, Ovule, and Suppository etc. are performed.

Our Çerkezköy facility, which has got the capacity to manufacture 35 million boxes, has an area of;

Toplam arazi:                  34,000 m2

Fabrika kapalı alan:       10.000 m2

Genişleme alanı:            17,000 m2

and is composed of the following 12 units;

  • Quality Control
  • Microbiology
  • Stability
  • R&D
  • Quality Assurance
  • Manufacture
  • Packaging
  • Supply Chain
  • Purchasing
  • Storage and Shipment
  • Environment and ISG
  • Technical Support

The Electronic Systems Used in Our Manufacturing Site

The entire process at our manufacturing site in Çerkezköy is monitored with the following electronic control systems.


All our operations are conducted with the SAP software, an integrated resource planning system that is accepted as a worldwide point of reference.

BMS (Building Management System)

All the ventilation and support systems and such critical quality parameters as temperature, damp, and drop of pressure in production, storage, stability cabins, and laboratories can be observed and recorded.

CMS (Calibration Management System)

The tracking, management, and documentation of calibration procedures are conducted.

2D QR Code System

By means of the QR codes printed on the case of each product that is put in service, goods can be tracked from the pharmacy warehouse to the pharmacy and to the end user.

WM (Warehouse Management)

It is the system that enables the intended material to be shipped to the intended station (production, quality control, delivery etc.) and the stock and location for every material in the warehouse to be tracked transiently within maximum accuracy.

QDMS (Quality Document Management System)

All the documentation of the firm is performed in electronic environment.

TMS (Training Management System)

All the trainings inside and outside the firm are tracked and their documentation is carried out.

MGS (Central Surveillance and Security System)

All the areas inside and outside the building are monitored for 24 hours nonstop.